Why is it worth to register your brand as a trademark?

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It is worth to register your brand as a trademark in order to build safely your brand and to increase the value of the company.


In the light of legal provisions, a trademark can be any sign that allows to distinguish goods of one company from another. In addition, this designation must be able to be presented in the trademarks register in a way that allows determining the unambiguous and accurate subject of granted protection[1].

As a trademark, you can register, among others:

  • your company's business name in verbal or verbal-graphic form,
  • advertising slogan,
  • your logo,
  • your name and surname,
  • the characteristic shape of the products you manufacture, e.g. goods or packaging,
  • melody or sound signal.

What are the benefits of registration of your brand as a trademark?

First of all, a registered trademark increases the value of your company. It is an asset component, it can be traded, and that means that it really increases the value of your company.

It is worth noting that it also increases the recognisability and it is a promotion of your company, which may have an influence on increase of turnover and greater credibility among contractors. By registration of your designation you gain greater prestige and increase contractors' trust, thereby you strengthen your position in the market.

In addition, the registered mark is a protection against unauthorized use of your sign by third parties. You have a weapon in the fight against unfair competition.

What is the risk of using an unregistered sign?

First of all, there is a risk that your competitors may try to register the mark you use for the benefit of themselves, and thus use your reputation.

Simultaneously, please keep in mind that if someone without your consent starts using your designation, it will be much harder for you to defend in court - you do not have a defense tool in the form of a protection certificate issued by the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland.

If you are interested in the registration of trademark, you need additional information on this subject or a practical explanation, please contact us (our contact details can be found here: https://www.esb-legal.pl/en/contact) - we'll be happy to help you.

17/07/2019, attorney-at-law Magdalena Piechowicz


[1] Article 120 sec. 1 of act of 30/06/2000 - Industrial property law (the consolidated text: Journal of Laws from 2017, item 776).

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